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Watch this video and more on SYJ Yoga

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SYJ Foundations On-Demand w/ Michelle | 60 mins.

SYJ Featured • 1h 7m

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  • SYJ Open On-Demand w/ Vicky | 60 mins.

    Vicky's Suggested Playlist:

    **Slow start- heart openers to full vastistasana w/ backbends to shoulder stand
    Props: 2 blocks

  • SYJ Open On-Demand w/ Charlotte | 75 ...

    Charlotte's Suggested Playlist:

    **Shoulders and hamstrings to lengthen and create space in our bodies through 'bearing witness"
    Props: 2 blocks, strap, bolster

  • SYJ Hour On-Demand w/ Sarah | 60 mins.

    Sarah's Suggested Playlist:

    **Potpourri Class- Hamstrings, Standing sequence, utthita hasta padangusthasana
    Props: Blocks(if hammies are tight)