SYJ Featured

SYJ Featured

A potpourri of classes ranging from foundation to open level.

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SYJ Featured
  • SYJ Open w/ Holly K. | 60 min.

    This wonderful sequence is core strength building and at the same time hip & shoulder-opening - quite an interesting combination if you ask us.
    Holly's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Open w/ Charlotte | 60 min.

    Charlotte's heart opening class is a sweaty thoughtful one for sure. Expect some smart twisting and deep hip opening.
    Charlotte's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Open w/ Anna | 60 min.

    Join Anna for side bending/ back bending fun, you'll be heart open ready to go in 60 min.

    Suggested playlist

  • SYJ Open w/ Renée | 6o min.

    Join Renée for some deep hip & hamstring openers together with a fun potpourri of poses to challenge your balance.
    Renée's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Open w/ Holly A. | 60 min.

    Join Holly in a side body lengthening, leg strengthening class. Poses will include standing & balancing twists, optional headstand and arm balances. Bring a smile and the desire to challenge yourself in the sweetest way.
    Holly's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Full Body Strengthening | 40m mins.

    Lower & upper body plus core strengtening with Jen.
    2 blocks and 2 small towels as props.

  • SYJ Open w/ Donna | 60 min

    Join Donna for a leg strengthening & leg lengthening potpourri. Also so words from Amanda Gorman.
    Suggested playlist :

  • SYJ Foundations w/Ranjini | 60 min.

    Join Ranjini for a foundational yoga class. This class will help you build strength in your legs and open up your spine.
    Ranjini's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Functional Core w/ Jen Kirsch | 30 min.

    Jen Kirsch's functional core series is a super intelligent way to build core strength done with a smile. Just like her, it's strong, smart, and sweet. Focus on abdominal core in this one.
    Optional Props: Blocks Recommended

  • SYJ Functional Core w/ Jen Kirsch | 30 min.

    Jen Kirsch's functional core series is super intelligent and accessible.
    Oblique Abdominal focus in this one which is great and important in helpig to build strength for those hard SYJ arm balances like side crow, eka pada koundinasana, vashistasana.
    Recommended Playlist:

  • SYJ Open w/ Donna | 60 min.

    Join Donna for a challenging class w/ a focus on Core strength in the back body, leg strengthening and hip opening.