SYJ Featured

SYJ Featured

A potpourri of classes ranging from foundation to open level.

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SYJ Featured
  • SYJ Open Live Replay w/Anna |75 mins.

    Join Anna for an SYJ potpourri class with fun use of the block to create space in your side body. and strength in your arms and upper back.
    This is a playful class with lots of opportunities for exploring your own practice.
    Props needed: Block

  • SYJ Open w/ Liz | 60 min.

    Join Liz for a potpourri of sorts. Work on Sun Salutations, core strength, hip openers and standing poses, hamstrings and, backbends. Sounds like a bit of everything because it is. Enjoy the simplicity and strength
    Suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Foundations Live Replay w/ Alyssa | 60 min.

    Alyssa covers a fun group of foundational poses. This class will help you open & build strength in your shoulders, hips and, legs. Class finishes with some simple backbends, and supine poses with gentle twists.
    Props needed, blocks and a blanket or cushion to sit on.
    Suggested playlist: https:/...

  • SYJ Open Live Replay w/Charlotte | 60 min.

    Props needed: blanket, 2 blocks. Sun Salutations, playful poses with blocks, hip openers, poses to strengthen glutes & hamstrings, twists, ending with a sweet amount of forward folds on the floor.
    Suggested Playlist: