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Watch this video and more on SYJ Yoga

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SYJ Open Level with Ashly | 64 minutes

SYJ Open On Demand • 1h 4m

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  • SYJ Open Level with Sarah | 65 Minute

    Sarah guides you through some visualization as a way to reach the goals of arm balances and opening in the body. Blocks are used to help access Eka Pada Bakasana. Ending with heart open backbends an alternative to Janu Sirsasana and Krouchasana.
    Props Suggested: 2 Blocks, Strap
    Sarah's Suggested...

  • SYJ Open Level with Donna | 75 minutes

    Donna has artfully woven together an inspiring, thoughtful, creative, and challenging sequence of poses meant to build heat, strengthen your back.
    No props specifically suggested, but as always use props as you need for healthy alignment.

    Donna's suggested playlist:

  • SYJ Open Level with Sarah | 63 minutes

    Sarah guides you through a super sweet, heat building hip opener/ IT Band sequence with a smile. Sarah wraps it up with words on from John Lewis and sends you on your way, with open hips and encouragement to keep shining your heart.
    Sarah's Suggested Playlist: