• SYJ Meditation with Sarah | 11 Minutes: Holding & Shifting

    SYJ Meditation

    This meditation encourages you too look at the present moment as a threshold and work with the goodness that does reside here. A meditation on shifting old narratives and stories that no longer serve our current story.

    Why we meditate:
    Everyday life can be filled with tension and stress, at SYJ...

  • SYJ Open with Sarah | 20 minutes

    SYJ Short Format

    A shorter version of SYJ's signature vinyasa classes with a focus. This class is a really wonderful addition to your work out, run, bike or walk or even if you're spending too much time sitting.
    In this focused class, Sarah takes you through deep lunges, figure 4 stretches and pigeons ending wit...

  • SYJ Centering with Sarah | 7 minutes: The Courage to Show Up

    SYJ Meditation

    SYJ Centerings are tenets to our practice here at Saraswati's. Live classes often begin with a shorter guided meditation, poetry, or words of contemplation to ground in the breath and begin the conversation with your body and spirit. Do this anytime during the day to take a moment to reflect and ...

  • SYJ Meditation with Sarah | 16 Minutes: Ease Stress & Anxiety

    SYJ Meditation

    Join Sarah as she guides you through a short meditation beginning with awareness of the sounds around you in order to sit with and lean into the feelings of discomfort. Bringing awareness to what's around you to help you open up to the difficult feelings in the present moment.
    Why we meditate:

  • SYJ Meditation w/ Sarah | 16 minutes: Tonglen

    SYJ Meditation

    Tonglen is the practice of drawing in suffering and sending out healing. In this practice, you will be guided toward making contact and leaning into the difficulties and sending out into the heart of the world healing and peace. Using readings from Pema Chodron's When Things Fall Apart to guide y...

  • SYJ Open Level w/ Sarah | 45 Minutes

    SYJ Open On Demand

    A 45 minute version of SYJ's signature vinyasa class with a focus on super healthy alignment and incredibly smart sequencing meant to move you.
    Sarah has artfully woven together an inspiring, creative, and challenging sequence of poses meant to open your side body and your hips.
    Sarah's Suggest...

  • SYJ Open Level with Sarah | 63 minutes

    Sarah guides you through a super sweet, heat building hip opener/ IT Band sequence with a smile. Sarah wraps it up with words on from John Lewis and sends you on your way, with open hips and encouragement to keep shining your heart.
    Sarah's Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1...

  • SYJ Open Level with Sarah | 60 min.

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Join Sarah for a sweet accessible backbendy class meant to open your heart. The goal of this yoga practice is to come home to yourself & be present and Sarah's doing her thing to help get you there.

  • SYJ Open Short Version Sarah | 20 minutes

    SYJ Short Format

    A shorter version of SYJ's signature vinyasa classes with a focus. This class is excellent to compliment your running and/ or walking exercise.
    In this focused class, Sarah takes you through thigh stretches, deep low lunges, hip opening in order to release the muscles from a more intense cardio ...

  • SYJ Open Live Replay w/ Sarah | 60 min.

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Using moments of transition to remind us to consider the invitation to what is to come. Simple centering with breathwork followed by Sarah's sweet flow with a focus on core and balance. Sarah'suggested playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/10Xk8vI8QbxuNSm5eetpsc
    *** Note that for previously...

  • Thurs 6/24 6:00 PM SYJ Open w/ Sarah H | 60 mins

    Sarah's Suggested Playlist:

  • Tues 6/22 6:00 PM SYJ Open w/ Sarah H | 60 mins

    Sarah H's Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/10Xk8vI8QbxuNSm5eetpsc?si=nKH4kkkKSsKJUydJVFTIkw

  • Thurs 6/24 8:00 AM SYJ Open w/ Sarah B | 60 mins

    Sarah B's Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Hdc3gnD1JavAir93MQyXU?si=wkHloXZ3Ru68BwWADiQzjg