• SYJ Open with Donna | 30 minutes

    SYJ Short Format

    A sweet 30 minute version of SYJ's signature vinyasa class. Donna thoughtfully weaves together a very simple, sweet class meant to help you clear your low back and open your hips. A smile for you back and hips is always a good thing. Grab a strap, or a belt before you start and give yourself some...

  • SYJ Meditation with Donna |15 minutes: Focused Breath & Great Vision

    SYJ Meditation

    Donna weaves together a 15-minute breath-focused meditation with a poem by William Stafford.

    Why do this:
    Everyday life can be filled with tension and stress, at SYJ we meditate because we believe that your life is worthy of a deeper and more meaningful conversation. A conversation with your in...

  • SYJ Open w/ Donna | 60 min

    SYJ Featured

    Join Donna for a leg strengthening & leg lengthening potpourri. Also so words from Amanda Gorman.
    Suggested playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7neiQCmvXLwaFyP0TBjpa4?si=HJUaURECRYqdPQHF6YD9dw

  • SYJ Open w/ Donna | 60 min.

    SYJ Featured

    Join Donna for a challenging class w/ a focus on Core strength in the back body, leg strengthening and hip opening.

  • SYJ Open w/ Donna | 68 minutes

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Join Donna for a hip opening, twisty, leg strengthening sequence. Reading from Pema Chödrön. Dive deep into center and move your body with us.
    Props suggested: blanket and 2 blocks
    Suggested Playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1jpHL7sls7T3IRd47XnrQg?si=Q_YxAnQ_Q0aNEnhu7PKpSg

  • SYJ Open with Donna | 45 minutes

    SYJ Open On Demand

    A 45-minute version of SYJ's signature vinyasa class. Donna weaves together a strong and dynamic sequence that will build heat and strengthen your hips, legs and core. Come move with us, you'll drop into yourself, you'll sweat, and you'll strengthen your body and your mind.
    Props: Blocks
    Donna's ...

  • SYJ Open Level with Donna | 75 minutes

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Donna has artfully woven together an inspiring, thoughtful, creative, and challenging sequence of poses meant to build heat, strengthen your back.
    No props specifically suggested, but as always use props as you need for healthy alignment.

    Donna's suggested playlist: https://open.spotify.com/pl...

  • SYJ Open | Live Replay w/ Donna | 1 hr

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Once live Sunday 10/18 Potpourri with Hip & Hamstring Openers & balancing poses. Donna Share's Praise The Rain - Joy Harjo)

  • Sun 5/23 10:00 AM SYJ Open w/ Donna | 75 mins

    Donna’s suggested playlist:
    Blanket and blocks if you need for the floor

  • Fri 5/21 10:00 AM SYJ Open w/ Donna | 75 mins

    Donna's Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1jp1pzI3YksWUqmxaq43Le