• SYJ Open /Charlotte | 60 min.

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Charlotte reminds us that we are never exactly the same twice while she facilitates us in exploring some hip openers and chest/upper body openers. Simple, sweet in that SYJ kind of way.
    Char's suggested playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4wkGxGmZkRcJld9oXSyNvS?si=fhPLuCBtQHyqlOwSSds7UA

  • SYJ Foundations w/ Charlotte Live Replay | 60 min.

    SYJ Foundation

    Charlotte's foundation class is a classic SYJ alignment-based foundational. Join her for some basic spine mobility and hip opening and sweet amount of breath work. Props - blocks and a folded blanket & bolster/pillow.

  • SYJ Open w/ Charlotte Live Replay | 60 min.

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Charlotte's heart opening class is a sweaty thoughtful one for sure. Expect some smart twisting and deep hip opening.
    Charlotte's suggested playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4wkGxGmZkRcJld9oXSyNvS?si=fhPLuCBtQHyqlOwSSds7UA

  • SYJ Open Live Replay w/Charlotte | 60 min.

    SYJ Open On Demand

    Props needed: blanket, 2 blocks. Sun Salutations, playful poses with blocks, hip openers, poses to strengthen glutes & hamstrings, twists, ending with a sweet amount of forward folds on the floor.
    Suggested Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4wkGxGmZkRcJld9oXSyNvS?si=c2711c401a104454