SYJ Open On Demand

SYJ Open On Demand

SYJ's signature vinyasa classes focus on super healthy alignment and incredibly smart sequencing meant to move you.
When you move with us, you'll drop into yourself, you'll sweat, and you'll strengthen your body and your mind.
We have a ton of respect for this great gift of yoga and we have taken years of study and practice to bring you an inspiring, thoughtful, creative, and challenging form of movement.
SYJ classes are artfully woven together with a sweet dose of centering, a creative sequence of poses, culminating in savasana (rest a.k.a nap time).

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SYJ Open On Demand
  • SYJ Open with Renée | 66 minutes

    Renéee has artfully woven together an inspiring, thoughtful, creative, and challenging sequence of poses meant to build heat, open your front body and strengthen your back. Get ready for some camel (ustrasana), urdhva dhanurasana (upward bow) and viparita dandasana.
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  • SYJ Open w/ Liz | 60 min.

    Join Liz for a classic SYJ open level class. Start with a simple breath-focused centering and a sequence designed to build strength from Sun A to accessible back bends and hip openers. Simple, strong, smart exactly the way Liz likes it.
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