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Watch this video and more on SYJ Yoga

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SYJ Open Level with Lauren | 60 minutes

SYJ Open On Demand • 1h 6m

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  • SYJ Open Level with Bre | 40 Minutes

    A 40 minute version of SYJ's signature vinyasa class.
    Bre brings you a strong sequence of poses including arm balances of side crow (parsva bakasana) and (eka pada koundinasana II). You'll be challenged with some offers to take a moment to fly, or kind of fly, or maybe just jump into child's pose...

  • SYJ Open Level with Ashly | 64 minutes

    Come move with Ashly as she takes you through a fun and challenging sequence of inversions including handstand, headstand and forearm stand, You don't need to be able to do these inversions this practice is meant as a tool for you to learn. Inversions teach us to let go and have some fun. They he...

  • SYJ Open Level with Sarah | 65 Minute

    Sarah guides you through some visualization as a way to reach the goals of arm balances and opening in the body. Blocks are used to help access Eka Pada Bakasana. Ending with heart open backbends an alternative to Janu Sirsasana and Krouchasana.
    Props Suggested: 2 Blocks, Strap
    Sarah's Suggested...