SYJ Signature Open Level Vinyasa classes | Foundation Classes | Focus Movement & Mat Classes | Meditation and Centerings

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  • SYJ Foundations w/ Liz | 60 min.

    Join Liz as she takes you through a signature SYJ Foundation Class. This basic level class includes a breath focused centering, followed by a sequence that will invigorate and strengthen your entire body.
    Suggested Prop: 2 blocks, Belt, blanket or Towel/Pillow

  • SYJ Focus Movement with Bruce | 45 minutes

    In this class, Bruce focuses specifically on the strength and movement of the hips and core.

  • SYJ Open w/ Liz | 60 min.

    Join Liz for a classic SYJ open level class. Start with a simple breath-focused centering and a sequence designed to build strength from Sun A to accessible back bends and hip openers. Simple, strong, smart exactly the way Liz likes it.
    Suggested Playlist :

  • SYJ Open Level with Anna | 66 minutes

    Anna's class is a challenging sequence of twists and balances sure to get you sweating and smiling. You'll encounter, vashistasana (side planks), standing twists, pistol squats before you hit the floor for some deeper hip opening.
    Anna's Suggested Playlist:

  • SYJ Meditation with Sarah | 11 Minutes: Holding & Shifting

    This meditation encourages you too look at the present moment as a threshold and work with the goodness that does reside here. A meditation on shifting old narratives and stories that no longer serve our current story.

    Why we meditate:
    Everyday life can be filled with tension and stress, at SYJ...

  • SYJ Open Level with Holly | 45 Minute

    A 45 minute version of SYJ's signature vinyasa class with a focus on super healthy alignment and incredibly smart sequencing meant to move you.
    We recognize you don't always have the time to jump into a full-length class and we are here bring it to you in a quicker version so you can make the ti...